Riki Makishi (bangai_o_go) wrote,
Riki Makishi

Stage 4 - The SF Cosmo Gang is at large! What were they doing up until now?

The SF Cosmo Gang finally made it down to the Earth to battle us, so it's time to explain who they are! My father got beaten up to get this information, so pay close attention!

  • The SF Cosmo gang is an illegal space mafia from another dimension!

  • They probably go do different planets to take them over and turn them into giant bases!

  • The membership of the SF Cosmo Gang numbers about 200,000,000 people!

  • My father stole the plans for the super-secret prototype robot Bangai-O from them, risking his life!

  • I pilot the Bangai-O to defeat the SF Cosmo Gang, so that they can't use Earth as a smuggling base!
That's all, so next time they show up, be sure to blow up as many as you can!
Tags: bullet, kurtis, teppei, tieria, tomoru
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