Riki Makishi (bangai_o_go) wrote,
Riki Makishi

I must be dreaming...

"Do you understand? You from the Kosmo Gang! From now on peace
reigns throughout the universe!"

"The, the man..."

"Ha? What's wrong, Father?"

"Ga-Gai?! My younger brother, Isn't that Gai?"

"Your brother?! What do you mean, Father?"

I suppose things have gone This far I must tell you what happened
on that fateful day long ago.

Well... It all happened about 80 years ago. It was the middle of
winter and an unforgettably icy wind was howling. Gai and I were
running along a dark alleyway. Around then there was a popular play
with the title "The Gods of South East Asia, their rise and fall."
Back then we were both young...

...but they didn't even open their mouths. Gai and I sobbed thick
wet tears. Even the then when we were completely desolate, a young
woman came to us.
We couldn't breathe. For her face was just like that of Hiroko's.
The light from the evening sun went down on us.

"Gai, Gaiiiiii", I called as I ran up to him. But it was already
too late. The sea appeared to tower up like a mountain and a
massive youth appeared. His body stood in the way of the beaming
sun and cast a huge shadow. Then the huge lad opened his mouth and
said: "The paradise for business".

"Father, I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from my

So everything is well. It is well. Everything was thus over.

So, from now on we are six in our family. Long live friendship for

Attention, GDF! After defeating my brother, my other brother, my father, maybe my mother, and finally my uncle, we have all learned how to live together happily as a family! That's why I'm leaving the GDF forever.

But if sometimes, on a cold autum night, you see a missile streak by the full moon... it means that Bangai-O lives on inside your heart!
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